Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Well, i decided i better get on this thing and update it, now that EVERYBODY has yelled at me for it being so old! Not much has changed since my last post. I did start back to work at Mesa High working with the Special Ed. E.D. kids. There are days when it can be quite hard but I love it. I love the feeling of going home and feeling like i helped make someones life just a little better today. We still live in a cute little house, that i love, in the Historical District over by the Mesa Temple. I love seeing the Temple everyday driving to and from my house and also being able to walk there! Speaking of, one of my best friends ( April Williams) just got married at the begining of january. She was so beautiful! I had so much fun helping her through out the day and being able to do her hair. :) Hmmm........ Lets see, what else is up? Rick was having some work issues cause of the whole economy plumiting crap! He drives a concrete truck for those who dont know. Anyways, we have definently been blessed these last few months and i can tell you my faith has grown so much stronger!! Now, his job is starting to pick up and i got a second job nannying ( is that how you spell that? ) for a few hours after i get out of work/school and the kids get out of school. So were doin pretty good. :) Were starting to plan what we are going to do for our one year anniversary. I cant believe its already been almost a year! Time seems to be flying by so fast. We have been throwing ideas in the air and decided we want to try to go to San Fransisco were Rick served his mission, but the only way we can afford it is if we get a big refund on our taxes. So we'll see, but we need a new bed first. Anyways, im starting to ramble on so i guess ill get going. Bye! :)