Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Babies!

Rick and I went to a fair thing and won some free photos for the kids so we ended up getting them done for Gauges 3 years and Rileys blessing/annoncement. Arent they darling?! I love my little babies! :)

Friday, March 23, 2012


Sorry i havent updated in awhile. Ive been busy making this! ( See pictures) :) Everything is going good so far. She is definently growing. I started my Braxton Hicks contractions already. They come and go. Nothing major. Of course im physically exhausted and having an almost 3 year old doesnt help. Gauge seems to be really excited to meet her. He always talks about babies and has started to say belly when i ask where his baby sister is. :) My heartburn is in full force now. ugh. also the peeing every 5 seconds! haha i went to the doc today and i think i have only gained 4 lbs. Maybe. I was so sick in the first part of this pregnancy i lost alot of weight. Also today st my appt i got my RhGam (sp) shot. Basically if you dont know what it is its when the parents are two different blood types, positive and negative, and so the baby could be different then the mother. well when you give birth the mothers body can reconize it as "bad" and then fight off the next fetus you have. does that makes sence? Anyways rick and i are different so i got it with gauge but he was the same blood type as me so i didnt need to get the second, after birth, shot. I also did mt diabetes test today so we will see how that comes back. of course im a bit nervous but i dont think there is anything wrong. welp thats about all the updating i can think of. gauge is getting smarter and cuter by the minute! i cant believe how grown up he is! :) im excited to meet our little girl to add to our family. :)

This was taken about 3 weeks ago and now im ending my 28th week. Almost there! Great now im getting nervous again thinking of all the stuff i still need to do!! AH!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Its a ......GIRL!! :)

Crazy right?! ya we are having the first grand-girl. haha We are so excited and still in a bit of shock. She due June 10th, 2012. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Here i am mom, updating my blog! :) hehehehehe

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rick is 31!!

Well, we are getting older and have responsabilities. That being said, Rick had to work on his Birthday. I still wanted it to be a nice day for him so i made him a nice pork roast dinner and a reeses peanut butter cupcake cake. They were originally just going to be cupcakes but i didnt have cupcake holders so they all stuck to the pan and well i was sad and annoyed. anyway, he enjoyed it nontheless.

I decorated the table and put up sticky notes that said cute little things like, "i love you", and "best husband ever" and cheesy stuff like that.

The "Cake". It was chocolate cupcakes that had pieces of peanut butter cups cooked in them, with a homemade frosting that i put peanut butter in. oh my gosh it was sooo good!! On the right is were Gauge wrote. :)

His presents! He loves IBC Cream Soda but its so expensive so i only get it for him when its a speacial occasion. This is after we ate dinner so thats why some are missing. He also loves candy so i got him some of his favorites. He loved that.

Happy Birthday Babycakes! I love You!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Gauge!!!

Well, i cant believe it but my baby is two!!

We started off the big day by going to Walmart to pick up the sub we ordered and the fixin's.

we went to Eagle Island. It was super fun!! its a park on the River. He went straight to the playground of course!

the cake. Thank You Aunt Cassie and Uncle Trevor!

Enjoying the beauty and the yummy food!

Ya that hat is for newborns and he can still wear it! ha ha

enjoying his favoite, chee-chos!

the cake with ALL the candles. man rick is getting old!! ha ha

Aunt Cass teaching naughty habits!

Cassie "painted" his face with frosting!

Im 2!!

Blow out the candle.

Mmmmm sooo good!!

It doesnt matter where you live, being out in the sun all day really takes alot out of you!

Happy Birthday sweetheart!! We sure love you!!! :)

The 4th!!

So for the 4th of July instead of going to watch fireworks we put on a show ourselves. We spread it over two days! Thank You Idaho!!! It was fun after i got over my worried mom phase. Ha ha

See, worried mom phase. i made him sit in the high chair for the first little bit. He was a little nervous from the noise right at first.

I finally gave in and let him stand in the back of Grandpa's truck. He loved that! This one scared him a little. Bahahahaha!!! :)

He was cracking up right after.

I usually dont like pictures of fireworks but this one is kinda cool.

The loot! This is already almost to the end of the first night. We had TONS of stuff thanks to Cassie and Trevor!

This picture cracks me up cause Cassie is jumping out of the way cause i went out way more then anyone thought it would. haha

So i had to put this one up! Cheese ball!!

I love him! :)

and him too!!!

He thought he was sooo funny for jumping into our picture!!!

Trying to take a family picture but Gauge kept jumping on me. Rick was like, " Ok, are we done yet?!"

Day #2! This was the actual 4th. Gauge loves to wear hats now!

So happy with life!

I love this one!!

Playing in the Gutters waiting for the sun to go down. It doesnt go down till like 10pm right now!

More waiting....

Finally watching!

He was exhausted by the end of the night.