Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh gauge..... :)

Some fun we have had in the last week! :)
My sweet little boy makes me laugh on a regular basis!

Ya..... this it what happens when daddy gets a hold of the vacume.... hahaha

Elder Jake Thompson!! :)

What a handsome young man!!

Classic Jake and Becs

Jake and Becs

Its hard to believe this little guy is going to be three when he gets back!!

not the best picture but its the only one i got of the both of us.

I just want to give a quick shout out to my cousin Jacob. He has now been gone a week to serve a mission in the Everett, Washington area. This has been sorta surreal for me since he is the first family member of mine, that i have been so close to, to send out on a mission. I guess its also because its kinda a preview of what it will feel like when my Little brother Joseph will go, which is by next summer!! I am just sooo proud of him and i know without a doubt he is going to be the BEST missionary!!! I Love you Jake!! See you in 2 years!!!! :):)

Um.... WOW!

This is what happens when you leave a box of doughnuts in a childs reach!!
Ya please take a look at my now glazed couch!!

Blurry i know but its the only one i have of him ripping it apart.

Hahaha what a Turd!!! I love him!!! :):)