Friday, January 22, 2010

Day O' Fun at the Zoo!

For Christmas my Gma got Rick and I a membership to the Zoo so i decided that i needed to make a trip. What fun is the Zoo when your by yourself you ask? I know! Thats why i invited my Bestest Girlfriends to go with me!!! Andrea, her daughter lauryn, and Andra! :)
Da Girls

Da Boy
( Notice how his outfit has a Rhino on it? I did that on purpose!)


He loved it! He loved all the trees and people!

We sat down to eat lunch and he zonked out!

His second wind! :)

Looks like its time for Lauryns nap.......

Sitting watching the Walabes

They were re-doing the Kids area and Lauryn didnt like the noise!

Aww! He just loves Lauryn! :)

GoodBye Zoo!!

Man, we had so much fun! So much infact that we lost track of time and were there from open to close!! I dont think ive ever done thatbefore! It was awesome weather though. I love you girls!! And you to Gauge! :)


We got to go to ZooLights with our good friends Andrea, Reed, and Lauryn Tiffany. We had a blast! Thanks for going with us guys! :)
We went to Macaroni Grill, where Rick works, for din din. It was yummy!

Haha so i only got a few good pics of this little miss the whole night! She was being a goof!

Andrea and I

Our family! :)

Haha, trying to keep warm.

Ok so this is one of the funniest pictures ever! The kids got these there and i asked Lauryn to love hers and this is the pic that came out.... Bahahahahaha!!!

Finally! A good picture of her! :)

Rick the Tiger

Lauryn the Monkey!
We had so much fun! Cant wait till next year! :)

The New Year part2


He loves to lay this way! So i leave the room to put something in the kitchen and i come back to this......

HaHaHa!!! He was totally having fun too!

Aunt Mandi and becs were teasing him!

New Years Day at Gma Malones with cousin Jacklynn.
Hes a BIG Flirt!

He sure loves his daddy!



Check out that hair!

What a Ham!!

look at those teeth!! They hurt when he bits!

Look, its a blanket beard!

What a sweet face!

Hi Guys!

He loved the Christmas lights! He would stare at them for forever!

Just lounging back!

Starting to sit on his own!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy New Year!

So here are a few pictures from the last month. We got a camera for Christmas so now i can take bunches of pictures of my little man!!!
Sorry, but they are taking FOREVER to download so there are only a few! Ill put more on later!
Out to lunch with the girls! :) This is his new thing, sucking on his finger!

Out to lunch with my Aunts, cousins, grandma, mom, sister and Gauge. It was fun!

Gauge opening up some presents on his frirst Christmas!!

Opening up more presents! He sure got alot!

This was in the afternoon on Christmas day. We were beat!