Friday, January 22, 2010

The New Year part2


He loves to lay this way! So i leave the room to put something in the kitchen and i come back to this......

HaHaHa!!! He was totally having fun too!

Aunt Mandi and becs were teasing him!

New Years Day at Gma Malones with cousin Jacklynn.
Hes a BIG Flirt!

He sure loves his daddy!



Check out that hair!

What a Ham!!

look at those teeth!! They hurt when he bits!

Look, its a blanket beard!

What a sweet face!

Hi Guys!

He loved the Christmas lights! He would stare at them for forever!

Just lounging back!

Starting to sit on his own!

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Reed and Andrea said...

All of these pictures are AWESOME!!! and Hilarious!