Friday, January 22, 2010

Day O' Fun at the Zoo!

For Christmas my Gma got Rick and I a membership to the Zoo so i decided that i needed to make a trip. What fun is the Zoo when your by yourself you ask? I know! Thats why i invited my Bestest Girlfriends to go with me!!! Andrea, her daughter lauryn, and Andra! :)
Da Girls

Da Boy
( Notice how his outfit has a Rhino on it? I did that on purpose!)


He loved it! He loved all the trees and people!

We sat down to eat lunch and he zonked out!

His second wind! :)

Looks like its time for Lauryns nap.......

Sitting watching the Walabes

They were re-doing the Kids area and Lauryn didnt like the noise!

Aww! He just loves Lauryn! :)

GoodBye Zoo!!

Man, we had so much fun! So much infact that we lost track of time and were there from open to close!! I dont think ive ever done thatbefore! It was awesome weather though. I love you girls!! And you to Gauge! :)

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