Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Twilight Cast

This is some of the cast for the Twilight movie that will come out 12/12/08. Victoria, Bella, Edward, James, and Jacob. Im just so stinkin excited!

Edward and Bella

This is quit honestly the Hottest picture i have ever seen!! I wanted to get it and hang it up in my room but Rick wasnt to excited about the idea! Ha Ha!

I absolutly LOVE the Twilight series!! Im so excited for the 4th book to get here in August! BTW Rick is totally jealous of Edward!! Ha Ha! : )

So these are just some random photos i found on my moms comp. The first is me and Andra playing with the camera in the car. She my favorite Andra! : ) Sorry Andrea i was looking for one of me and you too but i guess i dont have like any!! Second is on the campout that me and Rick met. I Love this picture! Its weird to think that i didnt know i was going to marry him then. Third is me and Karisa playing around back in the day. She always makes my day when i see her and yes one day i will be thin like that again!! Lastly is a pic of me in front of the temple. i just happen to like this picture and once again i will be that thin again!!! : )

Whats going on as of 7/27

Hey!! I know its about time!!!Well i thought i would write on here and tell y'all what is up. Hmmm... where to start?! Ok lets first start off by talking about my dear husband. Well, Rick has been working at the Radisson Hotel in Fountain Hills as a Chef!!! He decided a few months back that he wanted to go to school for Culinary Arts. He then decided to get a new job in that field and here we are! I have had an awful summer! Besides the fact that ive been hanging out with my most favorite Andra and Andrea i have been screwed at everything else i have tried to do!!! I hate the economy!! Noboby is hiring and with rick going back to school we took a 9 dollar an hour pay cut so ya it stinks! Anyways its starting to look up because i have been offered a job to watch the cutest 4 month old baby boy full time so i decided that i will most likely not go back to work at the school and be a full time nanny!! : ) This little boy is so stinkin cute and i swear like the best baby ever!! Ive already been watching him for the past few weeks for a few days a week so ive already got his routine down and everything. In Aug i will be starting a ceramics class at MCC. Im pretty excited for it, I did it in High School and i really liked it. Lets see, what else? Oh Rick and I are going camping this weekend, the only type of vaca. we can afford! Its Ricks families annual camping trip. I think its going to be super fun! Im really excited! And last but not least my sister Cassie and her wonderful family are offically in New Jersey!! They keep sending us pictures and it looks so pretty there. I miss them but i know that its were theyre surpost to be so im just enjoying the pictures and the stories! : ) If your reading this cass i love you and miss you guys!! Tell the boys i said Hi and i love them too! : ) Ok well thats it for now, I need to head home and go to bed. Bye! : )