Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Twilight Cast

This is some of the cast for the Twilight movie that will come out 12/12/08. Victoria, Bella, Edward, James, and Jacob. Im just so stinkin excited!


Tyler and Karisa said...

PS- I decided that we're going to the midnight showing of this movie with a bunch of friends... basically whatever other chick friends we have 'cuz basically everyone in the world is obsessed with this series! Oh... and I'm not giving you a choice. Ha ha!

Mertgirl said...

Loved the fourth book.. now I have to sit and wait til December for the new book and movie. UGH!

Kristina said...

What the heck? I have no idea what this twilight thing is? Anyway your blog looks cool though. We just started ours.
love ya
Aunt Krissy

azHarline said...

I am tagging you. Just go to my blog and follow the format.