Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Im surrounded by boys!!!!

Well, its official, Im having a little boy!! Even though im way excited to be having a baby at all i have to say how totally freaked out i am! My mom has asked me, "why are you so scared? Boys are so much easier!" but all i can say is, "I was raised surrounded by girls!" Im not just talking my sisters either. My aunts lived with us for as long as i can remember. All i know is dancing, cheering, glitter, bows, and just plain girl stuff! Luckly my mom has continually reminded me that i have a husband thats as "manly" as they come. Hes a gun loving, hunting, sports playing, all about cars type of guy so i think everything is going to all work out ok. Becca made a good point the other day. She said its karma! We were raised with all girls but now we are all having boys! : ) ha ha