Thursday, January 1, 2009


I thought i should come on and update you all on whats going on with me and the little one. Well to start off the estimated time of arrival is July 7. I have my next appt. in one week from today and there is a possibility that we can find out the sex of the baby but i am not counting on it. I am, i think, 14 weeks going into my 15th. I know you are asking yourselves, "Uh.... she doesnt know how many weeks she is?!" Well i now offically have NO brain! I will forget what im talking about in the middle of a sentance!! Its awful!!! I hate it and its only going to get worst!! I also have been deathly ill! At least thats what it feels like! I have even said to rick, while hanging over the toilet, i was crazy for wanting 5 of these! This is all your getting!! Of course that probably wont be the case but you know what i mean you other mama's out there if you were sick too. Ok so talking about me forgetting things my mom just walked up beside me and made a comment about Christmas. I totally forgot it just happened! So, uh.... Merry Christmas you guys!!! Also Happy New Year!! : ) lets see.... oh my mom has 6 Australian boys staying at her house right now. They are foreign exchange students and it started out as 3 and ended up 6. ha ha! its been fun though. Ive had all week off so ive been here helping my mom out so ive got to know the boys really well and they are so fun!! ok im gonna go cause if this gets much longer you wont read it so Bye!!: )