Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So this is the other thing that takes up all my time, Connor Micheal Boyd! I have been his nanny for over 4 months now and i just love him! Isnt he a cutie pie?

This one Leah, Connor's mom, took of us asleep.

This one is of Connor and his mommy! : )

These next one's are from a recent trip to Minnesota to visit family.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here are some funny pictures i found while looking through beccas pics. I was laughing and i hope you get a kick out of them too. : )

Our newest family pics.

One with the sisters

Now one with our bro.

and one with madre.

The boys.

Here are some of the family pics.

I know this isnt me but this is my favorite of them all, Rebec and Bossin. : )

This is mine and ricks little baby Roo! We got him back in July. K let me first start off by saying we dont like cats but for some odd reason we just feel in love with him! He is such a turd!!! He is very, very spastic and clumsy, he must get that from me! He is also very stuburn and determand to get what he wants, he for sure gets that from Rick! Anyways, we love him, even though hes the devil some times, and cant live without him! : )

I just wanted to put this picture up here and let you all know how much I LOVE my Husband!!! : )

So i guess you are all wondering what i have been up to. Well, this is one of the many things! :) Im taking a ceramics class at MCC and i love it! These are pictures of my final project in hand building. We had to make a 16 inch something and that was the only requirement so this is what i came up with. it took three days of class to do but i like the results and apparently so did my teacher cause i got an underlined A+! : )