Friday, March 23, 2012


Sorry i havent updated in awhile. Ive been busy making this! ( See pictures) :) Everything is going good so far. She is definently growing. I started my Braxton Hicks contractions already. They come and go. Nothing major. Of course im physically exhausted and having an almost 3 year old doesnt help. Gauge seems to be really excited to meet her. He always talks about babies and has started to say belly when i ask where his baby sister is. :) My heartburn is in full force now. ugh. also the peeing every 5 seconds! haha i went to the doc today and i think i have only gained 4 lbs. Maybe. I was so sick in the first part of this pregnancy i lost alot of weight. Also today st my appt i got my RhGam (sp) shot. Basically if you dont know what it is its when the parents are two different blood types, positive and negative, and so the baby could be different then the mother. well when you give birth the mothers body can reconize it as "bad" and then fight off the next fetus you have. does that makes sence? Anyways rick and i are different so i got it with gauge but he was the same blood type as me so i didnt need to get the second, after birth, shot. I also did mt diabetes test today so we will see how that comes back. of course im a bit nervous but i dont think there is anything wrong. welp thats about all the updating i can think of. gauge is getting smarter and cuter by the minute! i cant believe how grown up he is! :) im excited to meet our little girl to add to our family. :)

This was taken about 3 weeks ago and now im ending my 28th week. Almost there! Great now im getting nervous again thinking of all the stuff i still need to do!! AH!

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Rob and Andra Mahoney said...

Gauge is getting so big! I love all the pics you send me! That is CRAZY adorable that he says belly when you ask him where Riley is!!! I can't wait til she's here and I hope I get to meet her relatively soon! (meaning I hope she's not ONE before I get see her!) lol