Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rick is 31!!

Well, we are getting older and have responsabilities. That being said, Rick had to work on his Birthday. I still wanted it to be a nice day for him so i made him a nice pork roast dinner and a reeses peanut butter cupcake cake. They were originally just going to be cupcakes but i didnt have cupcake holders so they all stuck to the pan and well i was sad and annoyed. anyway, he enjoyed it nontheless.

I decorated the table and put up sticky notes that said cute little things like, "i love you", and "best husband ever" and cheesy stuff like that.

The "Cake". It was chocolate cupcakes that had pieces of peanut butter cups cooked in them, with a homemade frosting that i put peanut butter in. oh my gosh it was sooo good!! On the right is were Gauge wrote. :)

His presents! He loves IBC Cream Soda but its so expensive so i only get it for him when its a speacial occasion. This is after we ate dinner so thats why some are missing. He also loves candy so i got him some of his favorites. He loved that.

Happy Birthday Babycakes! I love You!!


Cassie said...

You're such a good wife. What a good idea for a cake. Yum! John would love candy for his birthday too. What a sweet tooth.

Reed and Andrea said...

You're an awesome wifey and Mom!! Im excited you have internet now so you can blog!!! :)

Rob and Andra Mahoney said...

How Cute! What a great birthday party!!!


M.G. said...

That cake looks so good! we miss you guys!