Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Valentines trip in Sedona

Rick suprised me with a trip to Sedona for Valentines. So this is the trip. It was so Beautiful there!!! We had a total blast!! I absolutly Love my husband, hes so much fun!!!: )

This is on the drive there. He looks so cute! : )

This was one of the other suprises Rick had for me!
2 person Jacuzzi in our hotel room!!!!!

Rick looking all studly in front of the mountains! Look its "Snoopy Mountain" on the right!

Me in front of some mountains.

In fort of some more mountains... Its weird, there everywhere!!

These statues are everywhere but this guy was my favorite!!

Some of the many pictures we have of beautiful Sedona......

This is Ricks favorite. Its definently going up in our home!

We saw this house on a show called "What' s with that house?!" or something like that. We saw it driving up there and freaked out and then had to take a picture! Its sooo ugly!!


ellee said...

YAY! an update with pictures. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Your hubby rocks! I love your hair. You guys are so dang cute!
check out my blog some time. Leave me some love.
Miss Ellee

The Goodmans said...

You have pictures on here!! I am so excited!! What a fun trip... It looks like a blast!

Mertgirl said...

So much fun! Tell your husband kudos for a very romantic weekend! He should be jealous of that Frog, he may turn into a prince. :D

Trevor, Brittany, and Addison Gardner said...

Hey lady! Wow it's been so long, I'm glad you found me! Wait, how did you find me?? Guess that makes you a BLOG-STALKER huh?! :-) Yes, I have a beautiful daughter now, was I pregnant that time we saw each other at Texas Roadhouse?? Congrats on your marriage! You look gorgeous!

Karisa & Tyler said...

Wow! I love the new pictures! It looks like you had a lot of fun for Valentine's day! I hope you're doing great! Let me know if you need anything! You know I'm right around the corner... literally! :D Talk to you soon love!

Trevor, Brittany, and Addison Gardner said...


Amanda Stark said...

More pictures please! What? I said please