Monday, April 6, 2009


I found these pictures of my nephew, Boston's first hair cut. I cant believe how small he is! Also how much he looks like his little bro Rendon.
Laughing at his mama i think.
Collecting hair for his keepsake. Check out my hair!! I miss it being that long!!

End result! We dont look like we were really ready for this picture but thats ok.


Reed and Andrea said...

You're so hot!!!

Peter and Lindsay said...

Tiera!! I found your blog on the list on Brittany Gardeners blog! (Brittany Bluth) haha! How are you? Congratulations on getting married and the soon to be baby! How exciting!!

Luv, Lindsay Vanderpool (Reynolds)

Freckles said...

You...look...SO FREAKING SEXY!!! ;)