Monday, September 27, 2010

My life the past month!!

If you havent heard yet, we are moving to Nampa (Boise), Idaho! We will be leaving on Thursday the 30th at 2am!! Holy Cow, i know right?!! We are moving up there to have better oppertunities for our family. Rick will be working at the Corrections facility as a supervisor cook, the inmates do all the cooking and so hes their supervisor. This picture is just one of the 2 1/2 rooms that has all our stuff piled in it!! oh my goodness it has been quite difficult living in this kaos!! The worst part is i will pack something that i havent needed in months and then all the sudden i need it the day after, ie. the Abriva cause i randomly got a cold sore!! ANNOYING! Anyways, im planning on taking lots o' pics on the drive up and what not so as soon as i get the comp in order there ill post again!! Love all of you that i havent been able to see before leaving AZ!!! :)


Rob and Andra Mahoney said...

I can't believe it's really happening!!! I'm excited for you guys and your new adventure! I hope you love it! I'll sure miss you! Even though I'm not in AZ anymore, lol. YOU BETTER TEXT AND CALL A LOT!!! ...I'm giving you some slack for right now cuz you're moving. Can't wait to see your pics! :D

Steve + Brindy Arnett said...

congrats on his new job!! thats soo exciting!! im sad your leaving tho.. now we really wont see u guys! but thats a great opportunity and im sure you guys will have a blast in idaho!
good luck with the move and everything!! :)

..i quit facebook so better update the blog so we can stay updated!