Thursday, November 4, 2010

so i suppose its about time to update and let you know we havent fallen off the face of the earth! :) we dont have the internet on our home comp yet so im writing from ricks phone. thats why i havent been able to update in awhile. so to keep this short and sweet, we absolutly love idaho! we got callings in our new ward already! we couple teach the ctr5 class and i am also the cub scout wolf den leader and rick is the cub master!! we are so excited to have stuff to do!! :) halloween was so fun this year cause gauge actually was interacting with us. he had a blast! oh and he is a walking mad man now!! he also loves to climb! weve already had a few bumps on the head, a few bit lips and one bloody nose due to this climbing faze. he is off of his lactose free milk and is sleeping through the night, except for tonight apparently! as i write he is fussing!! of course!! anyways, im going to try to download some pics from ricks phone....


Rob and Andra Mahoney said...

SO GLAD you haven't fallen off the face of the earth! I was getting worried!!!

And Gauge is so CUTE!!! Not that that's anything new! lol Was he that cute lion (or is it a tiger?) for Halloween?

I can't believe how big he's getting! So Crazy!

Oh, congrats on your callings! I was called to be Emergency Preparedness Specialist in my ward. :)

Anyhoo, hope to hear from you soon! MISS YOU!!!

Marisa said...

Well its about time :) COngratulations on the big move! Are you coming home for Christmas?