Saturday, May 28, 2011

well i guess im about due to update this baby! Not a whole lot has been going on in the Frost household. I am still a Wolf Cub Den Leader in cub scouts and Rick is still the Cubmaster. We love those callings. Ricks work schedule keeps changing so im the full time teacher in our sunday school class now also. That calling is a little harder. I have a hard time keeping thier attention. Ive been trying different technics but none has been golden. Gauge is in nursery and LOVES it! He will be two here pretty quick! I cant believe it! Right now Gauge and I are in Arizona visiting with family before Joseph leaves for his mission. Weve already been here over a week and still have a week to go. Joseph leaves on Wednesday! Now that is crazy!! Hes going to be such a good missionary!! Well, Gauge has been sleeping really crappy here in AZ. therfore IVE been sleeping crappy! Hes down for a nap now so i should go and try to sleep a bit! i hope everyone is doing well!!

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