Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hey guys!!! Im sorry i havent got on here to update in awhile but you know ive been a little busy with a new born. :) I cant beleive he is already a month and a half!! Time is going by WAY to fast!! I have already pulled out some clothes from his dresser that he has grown out of and yes i cried when i realized he didnt fit in an outfit anymore that he wore when we first brought him home!! I do love that he is starting to get a personality though. Hes so precious!
This past month has had its up and downs. As most of you know i am not able to nurse so we had to feed him formula from the start. Well because of this he has had some pretty bad digestive problems. First, he got the most awful diaper rash ive ever seen! It was blistering and everything! We had to go to the doctor to make sure it wasnt a allergic reaction to the formula. It wasnt btw. Just the inevitable! Then, at about two weeks, he started getting very fussy cause the regular formula hurt his tummy, those were some HARD nights! We then change his formula to sensitive and instantly he is sooo much calmer but then life decided to pick on me again and my little one become constipated! Now for those of you that have never experienced this with children, just know it is one of the hardest things to see your little sweetheart go through. They are in so much pain it causes you pain! Anyways so we finally stat getting his poop under control and then for no reason he starts to become constipated again!! ARG!! Needless to say it has been an on going battle!! BUT other then those few problems he is a wonderful, sweet, little baby boy and i love him more then anything!!! I LOVE being a mommy!! The best and worst part is when they are crying and they dont want anyone other then you. Its the worst cause sometimes you just need to get hings done and they just want you to hold them and nohing gets done! Ha ha! Ok well now that i wrote a novel ill go. Im tring to download some recent pics but iots not working right now so illl do it as soon as i can. :)

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