Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Gauges first month

Ok so i finally got them on here. There is a mix of older and newer pics over the last month.

On the way to the hospital. I took this cause i knew it was the last time i would be prego with Gauge. A bitter-sweet moment! I was way bigger then i look in this pic btw!

Sleeping baby

I love this pic! Grandma Lisa calls him Nemo when he wears this outfit :)

I love my boys!


My favorite way he sleeps, with his mouth open Ha ha

Swingin' in his swing

A rare moment when we are both sleeping

Cutest feet ever!

An early morning moment

In the rain with gma lisa. *note how its super bright outside still, only in AZ!

Trying on his blessing tux. He wasnt happy. I was laughing so hard!

Sleeping in his swing. poor neck.

A face i know all to well!

We came home to this. My sis Becca came over and cleaned our house for us. If you notice there is a "Happy Birthday" sign along with the "its a boy" sign? Well thats cause we came home from the hospital on Ricks birthday. It was awesome! Thanks Becs!!

I thought you guys might want to see this. I was huge! i didnt even deliver for 2 more weeks! so that means i am 38 weeks btw!


MommyMert said...

Thanks for the update! Love the photos, love your tummy, Love your little family.

Reed and Andrea said...

Yay!! Im so excited for new pictures!!! I love your boy by the way!

The Gardiner Gang said...

Aww he's a cutie Tiera! And that was so nice of Becca to come clean your house and decorate for you! I love coming home to a clean, fresh smelling house so I'm sure you did too! You have a great family!