Sunday, November 1, 2009


So sorry it took me FOREVER to update! time has been just flying by!! i cant belive this little guy is almost 4 months!! Well heres some pics from the last few month......
Our visit from our cousins......
Ok this is Rendon but i just love this picture!! :)

Boston, Gauge, and Gauge's belly button!


Gauge's blessing.....

At the blessing lunchon. Gauge loves his grandma Lisa!

My sweetheart!

What a handsome little guy! :)

The two loves of my life!

Me and my sweet son!

Our little family!

Playing around one day with my phone.

Sleeping on mommy

My sweet little punkin! Please note the little demand kitten stalking me in the background!:)
Sleeping in the car
I swear this picture is not possed! isnt it hilarious?!

Wearing mama's shades! Hes so handsome!


MommyMert said...

AHhh.... getting so big, so quick! Looks like you love being a Mommy. So glad you are happy. xo Kari

The Goodmans said...

Wow you finally updated!! Send me an email at and I will send you that invite. :)