Monday, November 16, 2009

Stark family's annual Halloween party!!!

Well, all the pictures downloaded the wrong direction so we are starting with the end of the party.....
Becca and Gauge

Aunt Julee and Gauge

Goofy family picture

"Nice" family picture

My cousin Cole, I thought his outfit looked Awesome! Especially that hair!!
This is my cousin Brock, The best costume ever!! He looked so creepy! Hes playing the drums cause they were the entertainment! It was awesome!

My little skeleton and I

Uh..... what was that noise?!

I think this picture looks great of Grandma Nancy and Rebec!

The Priest, the devil, and the Skeleton Frost's

Becca (Hanna Montana), Amanda (herself), Gma Nan (Pumkin shirt lady), Mom( the love doctor), and me (The devil)

Gauge with cousin Jacob

Joseph and his good friend Braden were Mormon missionaries, Breaden is leaving for his mish in December i think so i guess he just wanted a feel for it! ha ha They had bikes and all!! And Becca is Hanna Montans! I think she look pretty awesome!


Reed and Andrea said...

I love your blog!!! Its so cute!!

Cassie said...

Man! I wish I could have been there. :( It looks like so much fun!