Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gauges 1st Birthday!!!!

His Birthday morning, July 9th, we put out his presents in the middle of the front room so when he came in he would see them. He loved it! He got two construction trucks, a hard hat, a shovel, a rake, and a stuffed soccer ball.
That night to celebrate both Rick and Gauges Birthday, Ricks birthday is two days after Gauges, Rick decided he wanted to go back to Rawhide. Our friends Shaun, Jodi, Brady, and baby boy came to celebrate with us.

Shaun eating a Rocky Mountain oyster!!!!! He loved them!!! YUCK!!! I do have to admit that i tried one and it was discusting!!! It was all about the texter!! Blah!!!!

Ya the live band sang to him and when everybody cheered he cried..... ha ha

His Birthday Party the next day, July 10th. It was Construction themed. I really wish i took more pictures of the decorations.
*I make Mud look good!!!*
Shwimming. First time ever and he loved it! I was having an anxiety attack having him in the water so i let grandma take over so i would stress so much.

Aww... So relaxing

Birthday cake! We got it frosted in white and yellow with the writting and i put the trucks, "rode", and "dirt" on myself. I think it turned out pretty cute.

Gauges cake

waiting paitently for his cake, what a cuttie!

Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you.......

and once again he did not like the cheering!! ha ha

It begins....

Yup hes a pro at this distruction stuff! ha ha :)


Cassie said...

Happy Birthday baby! I wish I could have been there. We love you!

Steve and Brindy Arnett said...

i love all your pictures!!! gauge is so cute and it was so fun to see him! thanks for inviting us to his party!!! :)