Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Whats been going on in June and July.....

Well i guess our June and July months have been pretty busy. no wonder why im exhausted!! Here is a taste of what weve been up to! :)
Gauge got to flip forward in the car. He LOVES it!
We went to our friend, Chad's, wedding...

Arent thier centerpieces so cute?! They are skittels on the bottom.

Gauge trying to crawl into the cupboard with Roo. ha ha

Gauge got this Cozy Coupe from his Great Grandma Marge for his Birthday. He loves to push it around and try to run Roo over with it. Ha ha

For one of our family nights we decided to go try out Rawhide. It was sooooo fun!!!! This is Gauge on one of those electrical horses. It was hilarious watching him on it. He wasnt sure of it at first but then once it started moving he was laughing and having a good time, probably cause i was laughing hystaricaly at him on it! :)

I love this picture of my Boys!

We went on a night with live music playing. Gauge loved it! The food was Amazing and the portions were HUGE!!

Howdy Partner!

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Reed and Andrea said...

Oh my Gosh!! All of these pictures are so cute!!! I love them!